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I am your personal CYBO

You can easily create me by telling me your preferences. I will do the entire work for you and make trading easier, by following the best traders on SwipeStox in a smart way. I just copy the best trades!

SwipeStox CYBO, how does it work?

The idea behind CYBO is to provide all SwipeStox traders additional benefits based on the wisdom of the crowd. We have lots of professional and successful traders within the SwipeStox community, who achieved great results and proved their amazing trading skills. The best thing is that these traders are willing to share their experience with you. That is why we have invented CYBOs.

CYBO is a script/software that runs on your mobile device, desktop or tablet. It was designed in a way to copy the best trades of the top SwipeStox traders. It means that there is no need for you to check the traders’ past performance and to monitor their current positions. CYBO does the work for you with a unique self-learning algorithm adjusting its strategy. CYBO constantly monitors multiple financial and technical indicators like market volatility, market trends, price action, upcoming news and economic events. It picks only the best trades for you that fit the criteria we developed.

CYBO’s key priorities are the following:
  1. Provide you the best market opportunities
  2. Control your risks and let your profits grow.
  3. Do diversification between traders and trading instruments.
  4. Provide you a comfortable way of trading.

Of course, CYBO is always under your control. You decide, when you start it, pause or completely disable it. Moreover, you set your own trading preferences, meaning that we provide a fully customized CYBO satisfying your personal financial requirements. CYBO is a revolutionary approach in the trading industry, and you are the one who got lucky to profit from this unique technology.

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Your benefits when trading with a SwipeStox CYBO

  1. CYBO provides you the best market & investment opportunities
  2. You benefit from the wisdom of the crowd (only the best trades of the top traders).
  3. You stay calm and relaxed. The CYBO does the entire work for you.
  4. You save your personal time and enjoy your life. CYBO takes care of your trades and generates an additional income even when you sleep.
  5. CYBO always controls your risks and lets your profits grow.
  6. You create your own CYBO based on your financial preferences and demand.
  7. You experience a highly innovative investment approach that has never been available before.
SwipeStox drives innovations, and we are proud to present you our great achievement! Get Started