Tüccarlar için sosyal ağ. As we eliminate complexity by presenting you with the best trading options in a simple and easy way, you can get up and running with SwipeStox in just a couple of minutes. Join our network of traders and earn a passive income by copying the best trades, auto-copying the best traders on our platform, or by getting copied by others.
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Amazing Set of Features
SwipeStox builds the most powerful, innovative and secure features for social trading. Whether you want to copy the best trades, use our self-learning algorithm CYBO to manage your portfolio, or set-up SwipeStoxProtector? to limit your risks, our unmatched features help increase your profits and secure your money.
  • Copy Trades
  • Auto Copy
  • CYBO
  • News Feed
  • Protector
Most popular
Find the best trades, copy them and earn money.
Join thousands who already make money from copying the best traders around the globe, or share your own trades, get copied by others, and earn a passive income.
Earned with SwipeStox copied trades
Most popular
Auto Copy the best traders and never miss any of their winning trades again.
With Auto Copy you increase your profits and diversify your portfolio at the same time ? fast, easy, and fully automated.
Earned by the top 5 traders today.
Most popular
Introducing our new Robo Advisor CYBO.
CYBO is a self-learning algorithm who manages your portfolio 24 hours a day.
If you had invested $2,500 6 months ago, you would have already earned a net profit of $232.
Most popular
Your ever-changing collection of relevant news and hot topics!
To support you on your way to the top, the SwipeStox News Feed shows you the stories that matter most.
Never miss what others in the community are trading.
Most popular
The safety net to protect your money.
SwipeStoxProtector™ helps you to limit your risk and secure your trading profits automatically.
Constant monitoring during market hours.
Become a Trading Star
With SwipeStox you can share your trades with thousands of people. If other people like what you trade, we pay you a generous bonus!
“I prefer to trade with CYBO, SwipeStox’s robo-advisor, and combine it with the Auto Copy function. This way I’m making great profits on the market without spending too much time on extensive research.”
Joseph Beale, United Kingdom
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